Linux Desktop Launcher


It's convenient to have an icon on the desktop, so that you launch your PyCharm form there, rather than digging about in folders. Adding an icon to the Desktop is quite easy.

If you're using Linux Mint (or Ubuntu), then right-click your desktop. From the menu that appears, select Create a new Launcher:

Create a new launcher menu in Linux Mint

You'll see a Launcher Properties dialog box appear. Type a name for your app then click the browse button:

Launcher Properties dialog box in Linux

Select your file in the Choose a command screen that appears when you click Browse. Click OK on the Choose a command screen (the one below the Launcher Properties box in the screenshot above)

Click OK on the Launcher Properties dialog box:

Launcher Properties with an app configured

You should see a new icon on your desktop. Double click this icon to launch PyCharm. You can now go on to the lesson about launching PyCharm, and get a first look at it.

Launch PyCharm: A First Look at the Software >