Launching PyCharm


When you launch the PyCharm software for the first time, you'll see this:

PyCharm: Setting the UI Theme

You can select a white theme, which is the default, or change it to a dark theme, Darcula.

Unless you want the Featured Plugins, just click the button Skip Remaining and Set Defaults. PyCharm will start with this screen, the first time you use it:

PyCharm opening screen

Click on Create New Project. You'll see this screen:

Creating a New Project in PyCharm

You can change the untitled to a name of a new project folder. (Or choose a different location from the default.) In the image below, we've typed MyFirstProject as the project folder name on the end.

Naming your PyCharm Python project

Expand the Project Interpreter item to take a look at it. You shouldn't need to change anything here. Click Create at the bottom to create your first project.

A First Python Project >